Business Plan

A business plan can make or break your hope and dreams of having a business. If everyone knew how to write a business plan, then everyone would have their on business and be their own boss. In this article I will give you every thing you need in your business plan to be taken seriously by the biggest and best corporations and companies in the United States.

The first thing you will need is an executive summary. In your executive summary you will put why your company is needed, and what type of services are offered. You must have a board. Then you will put your board members’ names and their schooling, and work history. You will also need to identify in what type of location you would place your business. For example, would you want to be in a mall, private store, or inside a suprestore. Last but not least, you will need to show in detail what will make your business stand out from your competitors.

The next step will be your venture description. In this description, you will list your products, and services with a description by every product and services. You will, also, need to add what is needed in order for your store to operate successfully. For example, what staff, personnel, and equipment will you need?

The next part of your business plan would be your industry analysis. In this part, you make future predictions about what will make your business competitive with the others. In this part of your plan you will do a small analysis of your competition. To make sure you know who your competition is, you should also include a market segmentation. In your market segmentation you should include things like gender,age,race income,geographical location, and people type.

nNxt, you will need to include a technology plan. For example, if you were opening a bar-be-que store, you would need to state if you willl use a regular pit or a gas powered grill. You will, also, need to do a technological comparison, which includes price, productivity, people perferred, most common, least common, and where the product you plan on using stands.

We are now half-way through your business plan. It is now time to finalize your business plan. Restate your target market with their needs and how you plan on satisfying them. Also, in this part of your business plan you shoul tell how you plan on promoting your business, sale pricing,store location,and objective of company.

The financial plan is the most important part of your business plan. In this section you should include a pro- formance chart that shows how long it will take you to break even. It should also show all of your operating expenses, and what you expect your profit to be for each month. If you want to make the plan stick out you could break down your profits by days and hours. At the end of your financial report you would need to do a cash flow statement for every month.

The last three stages may not require a lot but are as important as the financial plan. The first one is the production plan, which includes commercialization requirements like shipping. The next one is the organization plan, which tells the type of ownership you will be under. It also tells the shareholders powers, authority of power, and who is on your board of advisors. The last thing you will need in your business plan is the operation plan. This includes a summary of your business, company operations, customer flow,and operating hours.